Eric DePriester

Writer • Director • Editor


“Treason” – feature film • writer, director, and co-editor • distributed by 1091 Pictures.

“Composure” – short film • writer, director, and co-editor • premiered at the Lighthouse International Film Festival.


“Swipe” – short story • published in the Saturday Evening Post.

“Good Boy” – short story • published in Ragazine.

“Last Night in Saigon” – short story • published in Five on the Fifth.


“The Walk of Life: Our Planet II – published at Netflix Queue.

“Straight from the Swamp: Black Lips Live @ The Observatory” – published at MonsterFresh.

“Parlez Vu: An Interview with Sandra Vu of SISU” – published at MonsterFresh.

“2015-16 NBA Season Preview: Los Angeles Lakers” – published at Hardwood and Hollywood.

“Be Like Chuck” – a celebration of Charles Barkley • published at My Entertainment World.


“Conversation with Eric DePriester” – published in The Champagne Room.

“Tarantula Season” – poem • published in the Bryant Literary Review.

“Treason” – stage play • writer and co-director • performed at the Hollywood Fringe Festival.